Road Safety & Parking


It is important that the basic rules of the road are adhered to at the front of the school and the safety of our children not put at risk. We ask you to comply with the following:

  • Do not park or stop on yellow zig-zag lines in front of the school or on St Brigid’s Church Road. The purpose of zig-zag lines is to ensure that drivers have a clear view of young children who might, and do, run out of the gates and onto the road.
  • Do not use the school entrance to turn your car around. This is a highly dangerous maneouvre when small children are about.
  • Do not park on footpaths and obstruct driveways of private houses. Please respect and be courteous to our neighbours.
  • Do not block the parking entrance to Holfeld Pumps and the area in front of the coloured garages.

It is recognised that parking and traffic is a problem at 8.45am, 1.20pm and 2.20pm each day. To alleviate difficulties, please consider:

  • Parking on the right (school) side of Merville Road, keeping the left side free for the movement of traffic.
  • Park around Merville Crescent.
  • Park legally along St Brigid’s Church Road.
  • Park on the double yellow lines in front of and opposite the Parish Centre. The decision to park on the yellow lines is entirely yours. However, there is a tolerance for set-down parking in this area as long as you don’t mount the pavement and don’t obstruct others. You are recommended to indicate your temporary stay by turning on your hazards.

The Lollipop Lady is to be used at all times to cross St Brigid’s Church Road. Parents should set a good example and not cross further up or down the road. Do not park on the yellow zig-zag lines close to the Lollipop Lady. Parents must take responsibility for their children when crossing with the Lollipop Lady and must only cross when she says it is safe to do.

Please enter and leave the school through the pedestrian gate only, not the driveway gate or Rectory gate. The driveway gate is for school staff cars only. The Rectory gate is for Parish or Playschool business. These are not walkways. 

Your observance of these rules is greatly appreciated and will help ensure a road accident to one of our children never occurs in or around school grounds. Thank You.

A useful “Going to School” booklet from the Road Safety Authority is available here .

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