Day to Day Information for Parents


Please check your child’s homework-notebook and sign when homework is satisfactorily completed.

We encourage healthy lunches and drinking pure water. There is a water filter fitted and classes 1 upwards are encouraged to have water bottles/containers.

 All belongings—coats, books, bags, lunch boxes etc.– need to be labelled!

We request that birthday party invitations are distributed outside school as this alleviates any problems with children being left out. Some children like to bring a treat for the whole class to celebrate their birthday. Friday- “treat day” is the most suitable day. Individual small cakes have proven to be successful as large cakes that need cutting are time consuming.

Timetabling of all subjects is organised by the staff according to requirements for Primary School Policies.

Subjects covered in our curriculum include: Language (English, Irish, Maths, Arts Education (Art, Craft, Music Drama) Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (Geography, History and Science), Religious Educations, Physical Education and Social, Personal and Health Education. In some circumstances Integrated Studies incorporate many subjects together around a central theme.

You are welcome to make an appointment with your child’s class teacher or with Ann Andrews should you have something urgent to discuss.   During the year parents are offered an opportunity to meet with the teachers on a one to one basis to discuss their child’s progress, application, level of attainment and any other relevant matters. At the end of the year a comprehensive report on each child is furnished.

There is a very close link between our school and St. Brigid’s Church. The children attend a church service every Friday morning, and we often have special services which the pupils are expected to attend i.e. our school Carol Service. Our Rector and Chairperson of the Board of Management plays a big part in the life of the school.

Information is distributed regularly in Newsletters, notices, letters and Parent-Teacher Meetings, so everyone is kept up to date.

We encourage parents to allow their children get prepared for their busy day ahead. The pupils are required to hang up coats, put away lunches, get out books for the day perhaps do a little work for their teacher. This period before 9.00 a.m. is invaluable to both pupil and teacher for preparation, for answering pupils’ queries and for giving some individual help.

Besides all the hard work which the pupils are expected to do during the year, they make time to display their many and varied talents in several ways: In Projects, Exhibitions, Displays, Services and other events.

The Code of Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policies are on available the website.  We expect and know that the pupils will behave well and co-operate at all times. They are very carefully supervised, and should any dispute arise it is dealt with quickly. If necessary, your support will be requested by the staff.

Contact phone numbers and details: As we often send messages by web text and email we require that each family submit relevant mobile contact numbers and email addresses. It is also necessary to advise the school about any medical details and/or  allergies, special family arrangements, etc and that a note is sent in if your child is absent or if you have a query.

Safety is always on our minds, so we enforce many precautions according to our Safety Statement.

We teach The Stay Safe Programme and Relationships and Sexuality Education as part of our Social, Personal and Health Education.

Outings: Each year we have Outings and Visitors with Educational messages. These visits and trips are arranged according to the interest and educational level of the students involved. Very often there will be preparation beforehand and/or follow-up work afterwards.

Quizzes and tests are usually held for classes 3 to 6 at the end of May/beginning of June each year following revision carried out in school and at home. This consolidates the work learnt, and also prepares the pupils for exams in their future secondary schools. There will always be a portion of the year’s work left to be finished in June.

Annual assessments and Standardised Tests are carried out by the Learning Support Teacher, as well as regular check –ups by the class teachers.

Details of Pupils’ Supplies Fund, Insurance, PA & Voluntary Contributions are available on the Prospective Parents page.

And Finally …. St. Brigid’s is a very happy and industrious school: As a team, through co-operation, our school and its pupils will continue to prosper. Please contact Ann Andrews if you have any queries or if you need to discuss school matters.

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