Book and Stationery List : Junior Infants : 2018-19


Booklist and Resources Junior Infants 2018 – 2019

Names must be visible on top right hand corner of front cover of book


Operation Maths Junior Infants (Ed.Co) Please bring in the whole pack.


  • Sounds In Action- Junior Infants (Folens)
  • Just Cursive- Junior Infants (Just Rewards)


  • Bua na Cainte A (Edco)


  • Unlocking SESE Junior Infants (Folens)


  • The Right Note Junior and Senior Infants (Folens)

 Stationery Supplies (please label all items)

  • Transparent zipper bag of strong quality A4 x 1 and A5 x 1
  • A4 cardboard pocket folder x 2
  • Pencils – junior grip x 3
  • Pritt stick x 1 (large) – may need to be replaced throughout the year
  • Scissors x 1 (will be kept in classroom – please label)
  • Sharpener x 1
  • Eraser x 1
  • Packet of twistables
  • Pencil case x 1


  • Project Book 15 x 1
  • Junior Sum Copy 20mm squares x 1

The following books will be included in the Book Rental for next year and do not need to be purchased:

  • Starlight English Readers and supplementary materials
  • RE books and books for assembly
  • S.E.S.E./S.P.H.E. Supplementary books and resources


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