Book and Stationery List : 2nd Class : 2018-19


Book list  2nd Class 2018-2019


Name ___________________________


Please write names on the Front Cover of each book



Operation maths 2nd Class (Edco)

Please leave packet closed. Bring into school intact.



My Read at Home Book 2 (CJ Fallon)* (AVAILABLE FROM CURRENT 2nd class)

Spellcheck 2nd class (Edco)

Go with the Flow Cursive handwriting Book D (CJ Fallon)


Bua na cainte 2 (Edco) (2 year alternating plan, no. 1 completed)

Realta Litriu A (Gill)


Unlocking SESE- 2nd class (Folens)

Hard back Homework Diary ( (contains word reading lists, tables and facts)

Detailed booklists have been registered on Michael Doherty School Supplies at  Alternatively you may decide to purchase from another supplier.

School re-opens Thursday 30th August 2018

Stationery Supplies


  • 2 x (32 page) 15A copy
  • 1 x blank copy
  • Coloured cardboard pocket wallets x 1
  • Pencils x 4
  • Pritt stick x 2
  • Sharpener x 2
  • Eraser x 2
  • Long ruler 30cm x 2
  • Packet of colouring crayons x 1
  • Pencil case x 1
  • Markers
  • Round ended scissors x 1
  • Whiteboard markers x 2
  • Tin whistle (key of D)
  • Scrap book (24 pages approx.)

Each pupil needs a lunch box (named), a water bottle, 1 pair of shoes for playing on the grass in a named bag and a facecloth (for drying hands) in a named plastic bag.

It is advisable to write names on jackets and coats also.

The following books will be available free of charge in the class year:

  • Supplementary English and Irish readers
  • Novels
  • Activities and games
  • Maths resources
  • Jigsaws
  • RE books
  • Supplementary music materials
  • Maths, English, Music and other work sheets.
  • S.E.S.E./S.P.H.E. Supplementary books and resources




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