Book and Stationery List : 1st Class : 2018-19


Book list 1st Class 2018-2019


NB  Pupils’ names must be visible on front cover of each book


Operation Maths 1st Class (Edco)

 Please leave packet closed. Bring into school intact.


My Read at Home Book 1 (CJ Fallon) AVAILABLE FROM PRESENT 1ST )

Go with the Flow Handwriting Cursive books B and C (CJ Fallon)

Spellcheck 1st (Edco)


Bua na Cainte 2 – (Edco) (2 year alternating plan)


Unlocking SESE- Second Class edition, (Folens)

 Homework Diary    Hard back Homework Diary ( – (contains tables, word reading lists and facts)

Detailed booklists have been registered on Michael Doherty School Supplies at  Alternatively you may decide to purchase from another supplier.

School re-opens Thursday 30th August 2018

Stationery Supplies

  • 2 x (32 page) 15A copy
  • 1 x blank copy
  • Coloured cardboard pocket wallets x 1
  • Pencils x 4
  • Pritt stick x 2
  • Sharpener x 2
  • Eraser x 2
  • Long ruler 30cm x 2
  • Packet of colouring crayons x 1
  • Pencil case x 1
  • Markers
  • Round ended scissors x 1
  • Whiteboard markers x 2
  • Tin whistle (key of D)
  • Scrap book (24 pages approx.)


Each pupil needs a lunch box (named), a water bottle, 1 pair of shoes for playing on the grass in a named bag and a face towel  (for drying hands) in a named plastic bag.

It is advisable to write names on jackets and coats also.


The following books will be available free of charge in the class year:

  • Supplementary English and Irish readers
  • Novels
  • Activities/games
  • Library books
  • Maths resources
  • RE books
  • Supplementary music materials
  • Maths, English, Music and other work sheets.
  • S.E.S.E./S.P.H.E. Supplementary books and resources




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