After School Activities


The following activities have been set up and are coordinated by the parents, on a voluntary basis, through the PA. The cost to run the activities is divided amongst the participants. All after school activities require parental supervision on a rotational basis each term.



Playball is a sports programme available to Junior infant, Senior infant and 1st class pupils after school on Thursday and Fridays. The 50 minutes sessions are delivered by qualified playball instructors with the aimto provide children with the opportunity to develop a host of necessary social, educational and personal skills through sport in a fun, positive, energetic environment. Playball is run through all termsPlease see for an overview of this wonderful introduction to sports for children.

Activity coordinator: Robyn Slattery 

Location: Parish Hall or green space

Days: Thursday (Junior Infants), Friday (Senior Infants/1st Class)

Time: 1:20 – 2:10


Ball Sports is a follow on activity from the Playball sports programme for pupils from 2nd class and upwards. It is available on Monday/Tuesday afternoons from 2.30pm for a 50 minute period. The pupils focus on developing skills in a number of individual and team sports, including tag rugby, basketball soccer and tennis, in a positive and encouraging environment. 

Activity coordinator:  Laura Willard 

Location: Parish Hall or green space

Days: Monday (4th/5th/6th class), Tuesday (2nd/3rd class)

Time: 2:20 – 3:30


Swimming lessons are run at Monkstown pool each Thursday from 3.00pm through all terms.  The 45 minutes lessons are provided by qualified swimming instructors and the pool is booked solely for St Brigid’s.   It is up to the individual parent to arrange to get their child to Monkstown pool on time.

Activity coordinator: Leanne Vaughan  

Location: Monkstown pool

Days: Thursday (all classes)

Time: 3:00 – 3:45


Hockey is run from September to Easter in St Raphaela’s School at the top of Merville Road on an astro pitch by 4 coaches and assistant coaches as required. Every year mixed teams are entered into a boys and girls league run by the Leinster Schools. A team from 2nd, 3rd and 4th class can also be entered into an alternative league primarily for fun and to get the children playing as much as possible.  Our school hockey is also joined by All Saints National School.  Children usually walk up together to St Raphal’s, however this is an individual decision which should be taken by each parent; in previous years some parents of the more junior hockey players have taken it in turns to supervise small groups of children going to the hockey pitch.

Activity coordinator: Andrew Dennison & Brenda Sweeney

Location: St Raphal’s

Days: Friday (2nd class up)

Time: 2:30 – 3:30


General Information


For parents new to the school; where an activity is directly after school, such as Playball, Ball Sports, & Garden Club there is no need for parents to collect their child from school until after the activity is over. The Supervisor on duty or the teacher will collect the children from the school door and walk them to the hall / field / garden.

In the case of swimming it is up to the individual parent to arrange transportation for their child to the swimming venue.

For hockey, please note Children are either collected from school as normal and brought to hockey by their parents/minder or where they have permission by their parents to walk up Merville Rd alone, through to St. Raphael’s School where they are met by the coaches and supervisors. It is up to each parent to determine their own child’s ability to walk safely from school to the hockey pitch.  The school or PA does not provide supervision for the walk up. It is expected that children attending hockey that walk up Merville Rd to St. Raphael’s school ground will behave at all times.


As with all activities run by the Parents’ Association, we do require supervisors to assist on a weekly basis. This supervision rota will be e-mailed to all parents once we have the final list of participants.


The cost of these activities is very much dependent on numbers. Therefore this will be advised at the beginning of each term once numbers are confirmed. Th PA facilitate the payment of all activities centrally and coordinate the payment to individual coaches/teachers. On-time payment of fees due is appreciated.