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First of all, thank you for visiting the St Brigid’s website. Please take a few moments, to read a little about this wonderful school.


The Enrolment procedure consists of a number of stages. Initially parents / guardians complete an Intention to Enrol form (available here). This can be done at any stage between the birth of a child and the year prior to admission to the school. In the autumn prior to admission, Application forms will be sent to all children for whom the Intention to Enrol forms were received. These must be completed within a specified time period. The Board of Management will then make an Enrolment decision in accordance with the Enrolment Policy and will respond to all applicants. Places must then be accepted within a specified time limit.

Please carefully read the Enrolment Policy & Procedure so that you maximise your chances of securing one of the 15 Junior Infant places each year.

School Books

Book lists are issued for each class in May or June for the following September. These lists indicate which books need to be purchased and which books are available from the Book Rental Scheme. The scheme, which has been running since September 2012, provides English and Irish Readers, Dictionaries and English text books as well as Maths, Science, History and Geography text books for 3rd to 6th class. As funds become available the scheme will be extended. The cost of participating in the Book Rental Scheme is about €20. You are not obliged to participate, but it is highly recommended as it is significantly cheaper than purchasing the required books privately.

Your Financial Contribution

We would love to tell you that sending your children to school won’t cost you a penny. However, the reality is that to provide a high standard of education, in well-resourced and equipped classrooms, in clean and comfortable surroundings, Irish schools cannot rely solely on government grants, and so require financial assistance from parents. In the spirit of openness, we would like to explain the process in St Brigid’s.

Bills are usually sent in late September to cover:

  • The Pupils’ Supplies Fund which pays for materials used daily in class e.g. paper, paint, photocopying, postage, library books, CDs, DVDs musical, craft and sports equipment, stationery and prizes etc.
  • A Personal Accident premium which provides 24 hour insurance cover for all accidents, not necessarily just those which occur during school hours or activities. Schedule of the full extent of cover is available on request.
  • The Parents’ Association Contribution to fund 4 hours of PE and 2 hours of Music teaching each week, as well as to run various activities throughout the year including sports day, discos for junior and senior pupils, swimming galas, an annual school show and other events as they arise. The extra teaching is by specialists and takes place during school hours.
  • A Voluntary Contribution towards the shortfall between government grants and the funds required to run our school.

Unlike many other schools, and in accordance with the wishes of the parent body, St Brigid’s does not run ongoing, time consuming fundraising activities, and therefore the Voluntary Contribution takes the place of such fundraising. Also in accordance with the wishes of the parent body, families receive a single annual bill incorporating all of the above charges, rather than several different demands during the course of the year. Details of charges are available on request.

The complete contribution is collected by the Treasurer of the Board of Management, and can be paid either in a single payment or spread out over the school year. Families in financial difficulties should approach either the Treasurer (Julie Bond) or the Chairman of the Board (Rev Ian Gallagher) which will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence. 

Other small costs of between 50c and €10 during the year include donations on fun ‘charity days’, as well as outings to a museum, exhibition, or show.

The Board of Management is extremely appreciative of both the financial support and practical assistance it receives from parents.

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